Places/institution available within 100Kms for study tour
Gorakhnath Temple
The temple of Mahaguru Gorakhnath is located approximately 55 kms.away in the west of Deoria station .According to popular belief Guru Gorakhnath did Tapasya in Treta yug at place where the magnificent temple stands today. Through large numbers of devotees of Guru Gorakhnath visit the temple everyday but these number increase on Tuesday and Saturday .Thousands of devotees visit on 14th January every year on the occasion of Khicharimela(Makarshankranti).­
Lord Budha’s Temple
Lard budha’temple is located about 35 kms. away in the North of Deoria station in the Kushinagar.His Image had been established here because after giving his messages he came here and passed away .The devotees of Lord Buddha visit from various countries of the world.­
Dugddheshwar Nath Temple
It is a famous temple located approximately 25 kms.away from Deoria station in the sub-town of Rudrapur .It is popular temple of lord Shiva .During the period of Shivratri and in the month of Savan the people get water from river saryu and pour in the temple for fulfillment of their disires.­
Deoria city
Deoria city is surrounded within 4 kms. In the heart of Deoria city there are several temples such as Hanuman mandir, Somnath Mandir, Arya mandir Durga Mandir and Gurudwara. These temples are attractive centers for devotees. Ringing bells in these temples make significant for several deities, so, it is famous for Deopuri, later it known as Deoria.­
Chauri Chura Sahid Smarak
It is located exactly 25kms away in the west of Deoria Railway station. 4 February 1922 the fire of infuriation engulfed foreign made cloths and textiles at Chauri-Chura. The police force fired on innocent public which resulted to death and violence. The Shahid Smarak built up in the memory of freedom fighters. ­
Tarkulha Devi
Tarkulha Devi temple is located about 35 Kms.away from Deoria station. It is enriched with natural beauty, pond, Sahid Smarak and Shaktijeet.The temple is famous for devotees of Hindu religion .Tarkulha Devi was the Ishta Devi of freedom fighter senani Babu Bandhu Singh. On the eve of Chatra Ram Navmi More then one month fair is organized every year.­
Jain Temple
A magnificent Jain temple is located in khukhundu about 15kms away from Deoria station. It is an attractive temple for the tourists.­
Parshuram Temple
Maharashi Parashuram temple is located at Sohnag which is in the Salempur tehsil. It is approximately 35 kms away from Deoria station. According to legends here is a stick of Maharashi Parashuram. It is believed that the stick is touched by devotees­
Meditation place of Deoraha Baba
Deoraha baba was one of the most popular hermits of Deoria situated approximately 45 kms away from Deoria station in the South on the bank of river saryu. The former Prime Minister Smt.Indira Gandhi visited his place to get blessing in 1980. Baba was regarded as Brahmoharshi. The devotees come here from different parts of the country to visit this place. It is one of the factor for the nomination of Deoria
Welcomes to Kendriya Vidyalaya Deoria

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